Betsy Lantz's Mustard
Add Zing to Things!

Betsy Lantz's Hot Sweet Dip Mustard was created by a seasoned cook named Betsy Lantz. So many family and friends enjoyed her handmade mustard that she decided to sell it. While Betsy no longer stirs the kettles, the recipe and care with which it is made has remained unchanged. It is still handmade in Lancaster County, just like it was when Betsy made it. The recipe, kept a secret by its makers for over 30 years, has delighted those who have had the opportunity to use it. A favorite way to eat the mustard is with pretzels, but many other uses have been found. Use this delicious kitchen fresh mustard for all kinds of gourmet treats.

  • For Dipping - use straight from the jar or add fresh chopped onions, chopped green peppers (canned or fresh), Peanut butter and herbs. Dip all kinds of finger foods - fried, raw, sticks or chunks. Also good with pretzels. Excellent for sandwiches, Bar-B-Q, and Hamburgers.
  • Use For - Sandwiches, fondue, baked beans or meatballs.
  • Salads - Combine with mayonnaise for potato, tuna, chicken, etc. Fresh greens- mix with oil, vinegar and lemon pepper.
  • Sauces - for fresh vegetables. Combine with mayonnaise and favorite herbs. Heat and pour over vegetables.
  • Deviled Eggs - Hard boil eggs, cut in half. Remove yolks and mash. Add mayonnaise, mustard, salt&pepper. Mix well - Refill egg whites. Sprinkle with paprika and serve.
  • Serve over ham loaf - Prepare your favorite meat recipe. Mix brown sugar, catsup and mustard together. Pour over meat loaf for last 1/2 hour of baking.

Try these ideas or invent your own:

  • Pork, Ham, or Lamb for the grill - Cover with mustard, fresh garlic, lots of course pepper, basal leaves, grill as usual.
  • Sausage Special - Sauté mild green peppers and onions, melt cheese onto hot bun, spread mustard and eat with grilled sausage.
  • English Muffins and Bagels - Spread with mustard, add onions (fresh chopped green ones are good), green peppers, add cheese and then broil.